Welcome To My Website.

Hello, my name is Owais Siddiqi.
I am a Master's Student studying Neurotechnology at Imperial College London. This website was primarily made so I could discuss about topics in the Biomedical Engineering and Medical fields that interest me, but do check out the other sections of this website, including my Quiz.


From learning Statics & Dynamics to Electrical Systems, the knowledge gained from the physics side of my degree has taught me the fundamentals and given me a deeper understanding of nature operate and the logical reasoning behind it


Biology, on the other hand, taught me the anatomical side of the body. From how cells and structures communicate with each other to keep our body in a controlled, harmonic state to the intricacies of surgical procedures and treatments as well as the machinery used in them

My Blog Posts

The content I am learning helps me understand the world in ways I didn't think of previously. Biomedical engineering has helped me delve deeper into the pure science behind medicine as well as the complexity of the technological world around us.

Biomedical engineering has taught me to think in abstract ways, I have always been keen on the dynamic and thought-provoking theories that arise when learning higher level math and physics. Engineering is about problem solving and morphing the ever changing world around you into an equation of numbers and letters to be solved.

However, while engineering is all about science, medicine also incorporates art into it. Helping people, being side to side with them, and benefiting them in ways only I can has always been my ultimate goal.

Over the years, I have developed an interest in the medical field and its various engineering components. To convey this passion of mine, I have written posts on topics of interest in both the medical and engineering fields to collate all the interesting topics I've found out about and deliver them in concise posts.

Thank you for coming and I hope you learn something new while reading my blog.

Blog Posts



  • My favorite language to write in is Python. It's a user-friendly high-level language as it’s very easy to use as it's powerful and versatile, which is perfect for a novice programmer like myself.

  • Python can be used for many different tasks due to its wide range of open-source libraries ready to install and use. From Pandas for Data Science to TensorFlow for Machine learning and AI development.
Video Games

  • Personally, I have a variety of different video game genres that I like to play. Solo games provide a beautiful, vast story combined by smooth game mechanics and a cleverly chosen score that only facilitates the immersiveness of a single player game (God Of War).

  • Multiplayer games on the other hand, require a more strategic and alert mind as you are not playing against NPCs (Non - player characters) but real people, who are making their own unpredictable decisions that you have to counter.

  • Blogging is one of the most effective ways to build awareness about your subject interests, while providing relevant and useful content for your audience at the same time. I enjoy blogging as it grants me a platform to convey the topics I find interesting.

  • It also lets me share knowledge I have gained through research in various subjects and allows me to give my own opinion on them. Serendipitously, it indirectly diverts me to areas of science I never knew about and thus broadens my horizons on subjects I didn’t know existed in the first place.